Gerald Bedney

Strategist | Coach | Connector

Helping Christian leaders find clarity & balance as they pursue God-sized goals.

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As a strategist and coach, Gerald's most significant value comes from his ability to listen. He takes time to understand your unique challenges and perspective - asking questions that help to paint a realistic picture of the present so you can then craft a customized, intentional plan for the future.With a background in development & operations strategy, and with context for subjects like social media marketing, workshop facilitation, brand strategy, copywriting & more, Gerald pulls from a wide range of experiences & interests to provide world class support to those he seeks to serve.Gerald is passionate about helping Christian entrepreneurs find clarity & balance as they move toward the God-sized goals they've been called to pursue. If that describes you and Gerald sounds like a valuable support option to explore, hit 'contact' to send Gerald a quick message.


Gerald describes himself as, first and foremost, a future-oriented connector. That just means that he loves connecting the possibilities for the future with the people and initiatives of the present.He also, though, is someone who finds great joy in learning and the process of growth. Whether about other people and their experiences, the world and what it has to offer, or just a certain activity - Gerald loves immersing himself in new things and solving interesting problems.This naturally makes him a "people-person" and entrepreneurial in spirit - both ideal traits for anyone pursuing strategy/coaching work.At the core of all of that though, is Gerald's faith. Everything he does is driven by his desire to reflect the character of Christ to those he comes in contact with. Whether in his business pursuits, personal projects, or everyday encounters, Gerald's intent is to be as much of a walking reflection of Christ as he can imperfectly be...High bar, but one absolutely worth reaching for.In his spare time, Gerald is an avid golfer, sports fan, singer/arranger, VO artist, and investor.


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